Here are some selected stories I’ve written at CNN. For a full list, see here:

Some families are being reunited — but their troubles are far from over

After reunification, immigrants face a series of other obstacles — including legal proceedings and possible deportation. Here are some of the challenges ahead.

How a ‘lack of civility’ helped propel the civil rights movement

Politicians decried some acts of protest against Trump’s immigration policies as lacking civility. But Americans have a long history of protesting in controversial ways.

Actually, the US has a long history of separating families

Many Americans say Trump’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy is not the US they know. But policies like this have been implemented time and time again.

The White House: Where star power and political power collide

Donald Trump has always been fixated with celebrity. And in recent months several stars have parlayed this interest to sway the President and help their causes.

What 2 CNN reporters want you to know about Puerto Rico

More than eight months after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, Leyla Santiago and John Sutter are still covering the devastation. I asked them what it’s been like.

FYI: English isn’t the official language of the United States

A lawyer in New York berated restaurant workers for speaking Spanish with customers. Trying to force people in the US to speak English has a long history.